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2018 Garbage & Recycling Collection Calendar
Recycle this items in Verona

Good news for Verona residents, now Recycling Acceptable Items include plastic containers stamped with #5 in addition to #1 and #2! Recent changes in the recycling markets have prompted changes in the way recycling is to be collected. These changes are in effect immediately. 

Commingled Recycling Acceptable Items: 
1. Plastic containers number 1, 2 and 5 
2. Aluminum cans/aluminum foil & pie tins 
3. Steel cans 
4. Glass bottles & Jars 
Guidelines: All containers should be free of any debris or residue. No trash or Styrofoam of any kind. No food trays, frozen food microwave trays, or party platters even if stamped with #1-#2-#5 -No rubber hoses, plastic crates, or plastic toys of any kind. No plastic bags of any kind (take them to the VCC). No electronics (take them to DPW on designated days). No pesticide or paint containers (take them to Essex County Hazardous Waste Collection events).Verona encourages residents to reduce, reuse, recycle, and compost as much of their household waste as possible. 
Here is the Visual List of Verona's Recycling Acceptable Items 
  • The township provides two weekly collections of garbage, and curbside collection of many recyclables. 
  • Others items can be brought to the Recycling Center (10 Commerce Court) on Wednesdays and Saturdays, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm or to the Public Works Yard (5 Ozone Ave.).
  • To know your curb collection days please refer to the North and South side schedules here.
  • The Public Works Administration Office is at 10 Commerce Court.
  • The Vegetative Waste Site is at the end of Commerce Court. 
In order to stay up-to-date on collection days residents are encouraged to download the free Remyndr (pronounced reminder) app on their smart phones, available here For more information please call Public Works at (973) 857-4804 or contact the VEC.

New Cardboard and E-Waste Procedures
Recycling curbside collection in Verona now includes all paper products, Chipboard (cereal, cake mix boxes, etc) and Corrugated Cardboard (shipping boxes, etc). Newspapers, junk mail and magazines no longer have to be put out separately. ALL paper products and flattened clean cardboard boxes can now be placed at the curb together on the designated daysElectronic waste is no longer accepted at the Recycling Depot on Commerce Court. Computers, TV's and other electronic waste is now accepted at the Department of Public Works (5 Ozone Ave.) on the following days: January 15 and 16, April 15 and 16, July 15 and 16, and October 14 and 15, 2016. Since 2009, it has been illegal to put TVs, computers or other e-waste at the curb in Verona, electronics contain many toxic components that can pollute land and water. For a complete list of accepted materials please visit our Recycling page. In order to stay up-to-date on collection days you can download the free Remyndr app on your smart phone at

Verona Park Recycling 
Verona Park is now greener, thanks to Essex County officials having installed several recycling bins there. Now you can recycle paper, glass and plastic in the park. The Verona Park Conservancy organizes annual cleanups usually on April and the annual Hilltop Cleanup Day is organized by the Hilltop Conservancy.

Bags and Batteries
Recycle your dry and clean plastic bags as well as your Alkaline, Nickel, Silver and Mercury batteries at the Verona Community Center located at 880 Bloomfield Avenue. All battery terminals must be taped or placed in an individual plastic bag to prevent short circuits. Please do not bring Lithium, Lithium Ion, Lead Acid or any Wet Cell Batteries or Leaking Batteries. Batteries are also accepted for recycling at the Verona Municipal Building. 

E-Waste Recycling Procedures
Electronic waste is no longer accepted at the Recycling Depot on Commerce Court. Computers, TV's and other electronic waste is now accepted at the Department of Public Works (5 Ozone Ave.) on the following days: January 13 and 14, April 14 and 15, July 14 and 15, and October 13 and 14. Since 2009, it has been illegal to put TVs, computers or other e-waste at the curb in Verona, electronics contain many toxic components that can pollute land and water.
How to Recycle at Home 
Place all material to be collected at the curb no earlier than 7 pm on the night before the scheduled pick-up date or by 6 am on the day of collection. Use a suitable refuse container between 20 to 40 gallons when full and weighing less than 50 lbs. Recycling containers are sold at $5 each at 10 Commerce Ct. from 9 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday. Recycling is the law; mandatory for all Verona residents, businesses, and schools.

Corrugated Cardboard - Acceptable Items:
  • All sizes of corrugated boxes (cut to 3 ft by 2 ft by 8 in and tied)
  • Pizza boxes (clean and oil free)
Corrugated Cardboard - Not Acceptable Items:
  • Waxed corrugated boxes
  • All Styrofoam, plastic wrapping, Styrofoam peanuts, filled air packaging and bubble wrap must be removed from the Corrugated Cardboard. 
  • These materials should be placed at the curb as garbage.
  • Corrugated Cardboard cannot be recycled if stained with any food or oil.
Since January 2016 curbside collection in Verona includes all paper products, Chipboard, Paperboard and Corrugated Cardboard. Newspapers, junk mail and magazines no longer have to be put out separately. ALL paper products and cardboard can now be placed at the curb together in bins or paper bags on the designated days. The two primary types of cardboard, used mainly for shipping items and chipboard, which is usually cereal, gift, cracker and cake mix boxes, etc. Clean corrugated cardboard should be flattened and placed at the curb on the new designated days.

Mixed Paper - Acceptable Items:

  • Magazines

  • All envelopes

  • Copy paper

  • Paperback books

  • Hardcover books (with hard cover removed)

  • Phone books

  • Catalogs

  • Office paper

  • Newspaper

  • Greeting cards

  • Non-metallic gift wrap (flattened)

  • Tissue boxes

  • Brown bags

  • Paper tissue rolls

  • Newspaper inserts

  • Chipboard boxes including cereal, cookie, pasta, cake, crackers, detergent (remove plastic liner, flatten and shake out crumbs)

  • Poster board (without foam backing)

  • Backing from writing pads

  • Shredded paper (in brown bags not loose or in clear plastic bags)

Mixed Paper - Not acceptable Items:

  • Waxed paper

  • Tissue paper

  • Napkins

  • Paper towels

  • Frozen food boxes (these boxes have a sprayed on coating to prevent the paperboard from getting wet)

  • Paper plates

  • Paper cups

  • Metallic and plastic coated paper

  • Carbon paper

  • Labels/sticker paper

  • Manila envelopes with plastic bubbles or Tyvek envelopes

  • Photographs

  • Pet food bags (Lined with plastic)

  • Furnace filters

Commingle - Acceptable Items:

  • Plastic containers number 1, 2 and 5
  • Aluminum cans/aluminum foil & pie tins
  • Steel cans
  • Glass bottles & Jars (all colors)

All of the above must be free of food residue and caps must be removed from glass and plastic bottles.

Commingle - Non-Acceptable Items:
  • Trash or Styrofoam of any kind
  • Food trays, frozen food microwave trays, or party platters even if stamped with #1-#2-#5
  • Clam Shell Containers
  • Rubber hoses, plastic crates, or plastic toys of any kind
  • Plastic bags of any kind (take them to the VCC)
  • Electronics (take them to DPW on designated days)
  • Pesticide or paint containers (take them to Essex County Hazardous Waste Collection events)
  • Empty aerosol cans (cans which contained a food, health or beauty product is garbage –all other products in aerosol cans are HHW)
  • Motor oil and antifreeze bottles
  • Plastic flower trays and pots
  • Plastic coat hangers,  plastic drum or crates
  • Prescription bottles (white and brown)
  • Plastic cups, knives, spoons and forks
  • Window glass, broken glass or glass vases
  • Drinking glasses
  • Light bulbs (florescent and CFL)
  • Pyrex glass
  • Glass candle jars (Yankee Candle)
  • Mirrors
  • Pool chemical containers (HHW)
  • 5 gallon pails (spackle, driveway sealer and paint-bulk garbage)
  • Commingled items can not be recycled in plastic bags at the curb or at the Recycling Center.

Bulky Waste - Acceptable Items: include mattresses, furniture, chain link fencing, lighting fixtures, rolled carpeting, and other large items providing that weight less than 100 lbs. Put them at the curb on Bulk Collection days.

Christmas Trees: Place at curb on Wednesdays during January.

Vegetative waste materials: grass, leaves, hedge and brush clippings, weeds, etc when packed in biodegradable bags or tied in bundles weighing less than fifty (50) pounds are picked-up curbside on Wednesdays from March 1 to December 31 by the Garbage Collection Contractor. 

Garbage Collection Guidelines

  • Place your normal household garbage at the curb not earlier than 7 pm the night before the collection day and not later than 6 am on the collection day according with the schedule. 
  • Place items in refuse containers or sealed rodent resistant disposable bags under 50 lbs. 
  • Normal household waste includes garbage and refuse of any kind incidental to the normal operation of the household and/or business but does not include recyclable materials listed below. 
  • Remember to secure the lids of your garbage bins, otherwise you may find cute creatures like the pictured raccoon in Verona.

What is Household Hazardous Waste?

Never place Household Hazardous Waste in the garbage or recycle bin and don't pour it down the drain

Oil-based paints, pesticides, rechargeable batteries and even thermometers are some of the many household products containing hazardous components. All N.J. residents are prohibited by law from improper disposal of “household hazardous waste” (HHW), even when it is a small amount or project leftover
. Verona residents can conveniently bring their HHW products to the Essex County collection program in Cedar Grove. Learn how to dispose of Household Hazardous Waste.

Go to the Essex County Utilities Authority website for information on scheduled collection days and a list of acceptable Household Hazardous Waste and Computer-Electronics Recycling.

For proper medical waste disposal go to: Clean Air, Clean Water

What to Recycle at Commerce Court

The Commerce Court Recycling Center is open Wednesdays and Saturdays for the following materials:

Verona's Recycling Center

  • Commingled Materials: Glass Bottles, Tin and Aluminum Cans, Plastic Bottles and Containers (Type #1, #2 and #5 except Gasoline and Chemical containers). Containers should be rinsed out to eliminate food and liquid contamination.
  • Corrugated Cardboard, must be clean and flattened. Remove plastic wraps and packaging materials from boxes (like plastic bags or Styrofoam). Pizza boxes with oil stains are not accepted. All other cardboard such as chip-board (cereal boxes, cake mix boxes, soda boxes) and paper towel roll cores go in the mixed paper bin. Juice boxes and milk cartons go in your regular garbage. Placing non-corrugated cardboard in the corrugated cardboard container contaminates and lowers the value of our recyclable materials.
  • White Goods/Metal items such as bicycles, air conditioners and file cabinets.
  • Mixed paper: Newspaper, white office & computer paper, telephone books, brown paper grocery bags, shredded paper and all Chipboard (Cereal Boxes, Paper towel roll cores, etc). Juice boxes and milk cartons go in your regular garbage.
  • Propane Tanks: empty and dispose at the center after receiving a permit ($5 per tank) from Public Works Office at 10 Commerce Court, Monday-Friday from 8:30 to 4:30 pm.
  • There is also a clothing and shoe collection container for donations.

  • Materials NOT accepted: all plastic bags, Styrofoam, wax paper, trash, food trays, party platters (even if stamped with #1, #2 or #5), paper plates, cups, towels or napkins, pizza boxes with food scraps, milk and juice cartons, coolers, rubber hoses, flower pots, plastic toys, and paint containers.

What to Recycle at the Public Works Yard

The Public Works Yard is located at 5 Ozone Avenue. The following items are not picked up curbside and must be brought to the Public Work Yard, Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm:


Computers, TV's and other electronic waste is now accepted at the Department of Public Works (5 Ozone Ave.) on the following days: January 15 and 16, April 15 and 16, July 15 and 16, and October 14 and 15. Since 2009, it has been illegal to put TVs, computers or other e-waste at the curb in Verona, electronics contain many toxic components that can pollute land and water. E-waste contains mercury, cadmium, lead and other hazardous components. The Electronic Waste Management Act effective January 1, 2011 requires e-waste to be recycled in the state of New Jersey. Since January, 2016 electronic waste is no longer accepted at the Recycling Depot on Commerce Court. 


Tires are disposed at the Public Works Yard after securing a Disposal Permit (passenger tire permit $5 each, truck tire permit $10 each) from the Public works Administration Office in 10 Commerce Court (Monday-Friday, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm). Remove tire from rim before disposal, place the metal rim in the Metal Container.

Motor Oil

Used Motor Oil and used Antifreeze should be pour each in the designated containers located in the Public Works Garage for recycling.

Grass, Leaves and Yard Waste

Vegetative waste materials (grass, leaves, hedge and brush clippings, weeds, etc.) when packed in biodegradable bags or tied in bundles weighing less than fifty (50) pounds are picked-up curbside on Wednesdays from March 1 to December 31 by the Garbage Collection Contractor. Public Works also picks up Vegetative Waste during peak seasons. Do not place Vegetative Waste with other Solid Waste for disposal, it should be recycled as required by NJDEP.
-Residents are limited to four bags or bundles per pickup which must be placed at the curb before 6:30 am the day of the collection or no earlier than 7 pm the day before.
-Materials placed in plastic bags will not be picked-up.
-Biodegradable paper bags are available for sale from the Public Works Administration Office on Commerce Court at $ 0.30 per bag.
-Brush, bushes, roots, tree limbs or trunks greater than 2” in diameter or not able to be tied in bundles or placed in biodegradable bags will not be picked-up.
-In addition to the weekly collection, residents may bring their Vegetative Waste to the end of Commerce Court on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm and on Sundays from 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm.
-Gardeners servicing Verona are required to secure a permit from Public Works before dumping yard waste at the Commerce Court site.
-Please remember that blowing or raking leaves or other vegetative materials into the streets is prohibited by Township Ordinance.

Bicycles Wanted!
You can donate your unwanted bicycles to either Pedals For Progress  or The Boys and Girls Club of Newark. Bikes in any condition are wanted by both organizations and will be restored, or repurposed in a myriad of ways. Pedals for Progress also wants sewing machines. 
  • The Boys and Girls Club Bike Exchange is located at 239 Washington Street in Newark - Phone: (862) 236.3920 - e-mail:
  • P4P schedule collections periodically, contact Bev to schedule your collection - Phone: (908) 638-4811 - e-mail:

What Verona Doesn't Recycle

Latex Paint

Redecorating? Dump Paint the Right Way. These days, most of us paint our rooms with water-based latex paint. There’s no recycling program for leftover latex paint, but there is an environmentally sound way to dispose of it. Here’s how. Latex paint is not a hazardous waste and can be stored and reused for touch-ups. It can also be disposed of at the curb with the rest of your household trash if you follow the simple methods listed.
  • Pour paint into a cardboard tray (e.g. soda) lined with newspaper in a way that the paint is retained in the tray.
  • Leave tops off paint cans and place the cans and tray on a flat surface in the sun to allow the paint to dry.
  • Wrap newspaper containing dried paint in a plastic bag for disposal. Do the same for paint cans. Place these materials at the curb with the trash.

Oil-Based Paint 

Oil-Based Paint is a flammable material. It must be disposed of at the Essex County Spring or Fall Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day For more information, visit

Materials NOT accepted

Do not bring to the Verona Recycling Center and do not put at the curb for Recycling Collection: plastic bags, Styrofoam, light bulbs, disposable dishes, milk and juice cartons, coolers, rubber hoses, flower pots and plastic toys.

Smoke Alarm / Detectors

Essex County will no longer accept smoke alarms/detectors at their Hazardous Waste Collection Day. When smoke alarms/detectors cease to function, return them to their respective manufacturer for proper disposal. Please consult the reference manual or case of your unit for manufacturer contact information. Should you not be able to determine the manufacturer, FIREX will accept and properly dispose of all manufacturers’ smoke alarms/detectors at no charge. Mailing address:
Kidde/FIREX Safety Division
1016 Corporate Park Drive
Mebane, NC 27302
Attn.: Alarm Disposal

Don't Bag Me!

Recycle plastic bags at the Verona Community Center. Plastic bags are everywhere, plentiful, cheap and even offered for free in many stores. They multiply like crazy; they're nearly impossible to contain. Once discarded, the bags release pollutants when burned at the incinerators, clog landfills, sewers and pollute our waters. Loose bags litter our streets and landscapes, stunt plant growth and harm animals.

Here are some easy tips:
  • Throw a few canvas or string bags into your car and purse. When shopping, use your reusable bags. Many supermarkets such as King's, Foodtown, Stop & Shop, Shop Rite and Whole Foods give you money back for using your reusable shopping bags.
  • Request that purchases not be double-bagged and encourage the salesclerk to place extra items into each bag. Politely stop the “plastic bags pushers”!
  • If you purchase only a few items, forgo the bag and carry them by hand. And don’t bag items that already have handles such as milk and cat litter.
  • If you already have plastic bags, there are many ways to reuse them. Take them back to the supermarket to bring home your next batch of groceries. Or line small bedroom and bathroom trashcans.
  • Don’t trash your plastic bags; recycle them at local supermarkets such as Foodtown, Shop Rite, A&P and Whole Foods.
  • The Verona Recycling Center doesn’t accept plastic bags so please do not bring them to our recycling depot.

Compact Flourescent Light Bulbs

Switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs is a very bright idea. You will save about $50 per year by replacing just six of the 60-Watt bulbs in your house by CFL bulbs. CFL bulbs use about one-fourth the energy of a traditional incandescent bulb and produce 90 percent less heat. They also last up to 10 times longer than old-fashioned light bulbs.

ecause CFLs contain mercury they should be disposed of properly
Home Depot also handles CFL bulb disposal. Individuals can return burned out, unbroken CFLs during store hours. The bulbs should be taken to the store's return desk.


There are two categories of batteries: standard and rechargeable. Most of the heavy metals in standard household alkaline batteries, such as AA, AAA, C, D, and 9-volt, were removed over 20 years ago so these batteries are no longer classified as Household Hazardous Waste. Therefore residents are no longer prohibited from disposing of them as refuse (garbage). These standard household batteries are also accepted at the annual Essex County HHW Collection Drop-off events. 
The more toxic materials (mainly cadmium and lead) are found in rechargeable batteries, which are commonly used in cell phones, laptop computers and digital cameras. These batteries contain heavy metals and therefore are classified as Household Hazardous Waste. They are consequently prohibited from disposal as refuse. These include: nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cad), the most common type of portable rechargeable battery; nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH); lithium ion (Li-Ion); and small sealed lead (Pb) rechargeable batteries. Also, button cell batteries for watches and lithium batteries for cameras contain heavy metals.
Essex County residents: Button batteries and all rechargeable must be disposed as listed under Hazardous Waste. For safety bag each battery or tape each of the terminal ends before recycling. Bring them to Radio Shack (in Verona), Staples (in Cedar Grove) or the Essex County's Household Hazardous Waste collection events. These events are usually held twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. For current schedules, contact the Essex County Utilities Authority at (973) 857-2350. Visit for details or click here to read more. Remember, household hazardous waste in landfills or incinerators poses a serious hazard to human health and the environment, so all NJ residents are prohibited from disposing of HHW as garbage.

Waste Facts

  • In the U.S., we throw away enough aluminum to rebuild the entire commercial air fleet every three months.
  • Every hour Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles.
  • Plastic takes up to 1,000 years to degrade in a landfill.
  • We throw away 50 million computers and 130 million cell phones annually.
  • Almost 1/3 of the waste generated in the U.S. is packaging.
  • One third of what we buy ends up in the garbage.
  • An average person creates 4.39 pounds of trash per day and up to 56 tons of trash per year!


Recycling Works!

  • 1,500 aluminum cans are recycled in the US... every second!
  • Americans are doing great at recycling corrugated boxes, more than 90% of products are shipped in cardboard boxes, and about 70% of those boxes are recovered for recycling.
  • Recycling 1 ton of cardboard saves over 9 cubic yards of landfill space.
  • 60% of the world’s lead supply comes from recycled batteries.
  • Producing recycled white paper creates 74% less air pollutants, 35% less water pollutants and 75% less processing energy than producing paper from virgin fibers. 
  • Recycling significantly reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
New Jersey’s goal is to achieve a 50% recycling rate and Verona can do it! Thank you for your efforts.

Verona Recycling 101: 6-minute video shot at the Verona Recycling Center and produced by the VEC in collaboration with students from the High School Environmental Club. The video received a 2014 Environmental Achievement Award from the Association of NJ Environmental Commissions. Please notice that it doesn't include the new Corrugated Cardboard and E-Waste Procedures, as well as the now accepted plastic #5. For more information please visit our Solid Waste and Recycling page and refer to the Verona Garbage and Recycling Schedule. 

VEC Verona Environmental Commission,
Dec 20, 2016, 10:23 AM