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Eco Fair

DMNR & X Band Project at the
F.N. Brown School Eco Fair 2011.

Abraham Lincoln's Log Cabin.

"Litter of Kitten" project

Students and visitors tested their skills playing the VEC game "How Long it Takes to Decompose".

F. N. Brown Eco-Fair 2011

F. N. Brown School held for third time their Annual Eco-Fair on May 19th. Close to 250 students participated creating objects with recycled materials.

Fourth Graders game to estimate how many plastic bottles are in the recycling bins.

Dr. Lanzo invited the VEC to participate in the event as well. We brought the game “How Long it Takes to Decompose”, hand made from recycled materials. All students from first through fourth grade and visitors played the VEC game.
Students learned among other things that a banana peel decomposes in 3 to 5 weeks while it takes 400 years for a plastic water bottle to break down in small particles if it is not recycled, and that Styrofoam cups never decompose and are not recyclable either.

We enjoyed the Eco Fair very much. It was a complete success and a great opportunity for students to learn to take care of the environment. Great job F. N. Brown School!

F. N. Brown Eco-Fair 2010

F.N. Brown School Principal Dr. Lanzo
with students at the Eco-Fair.

A beautiful American flag made with soda bottle caps was on display as well as several very informative environmental posters.

Pictures courtesy of VEC member Gloria Machnowski.