Endangered Species

Mural Project

We are working with Verona High School students to create a mural of the Peregrine Falcon, the largest falcon in New Jersey, endangered in our state, and the world’s fastest animal, capable of flying at speeds over 200 miles an hour. Just as nature inspires art, art inspires actions to defend natural habitats and the animals that live in them. Inspired by the Center for Biological Diversity's Endangered Species Mural Project we are teaming up with local artists to bring endangered wildlife onto the streets of the Township of Verona in New Jersey. The mural project features wildlife species that are particular to their regions, promoting an affinity for the natural world, such as the mountain caribou in Idaho; the monarch butterfly in Minnesota; the humpback whale in California and the jaguar in Arizona.
Art takes nature as its model. ~ Aristotle
Pictured above-left, Peregrine Falcon perching, pencil sketch created by Verona High School student Cole Smith. Pictured above-right, mock-up of Peregrine Falcon taking flight. The selected location is the wall of the Clinton Glass & Mirror building, 666 Bloomfield Avenue, Verona. The building owner likes our proposal. We are currently looking for a lead artist for this project, with experience on outdoor murals, to provide an estimate to design the mural, prepare the wall, and paint it, with help from students and volunteers during the summer of 2017. The mural could look just like the picture or take a more creative approach to the design. We also need details regarding proposed materials, time needed for this project and durability. Artist are welcome to submit proposals or contact us with any questions at veronaenvironmental@gmail.com 
Our members will review proposals and present them to the building owner and township authorities for selection and final approval. Thank you!