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2013 Peckman Clean-Up

To celebrate Earth Day the Verona Environmental Commission organized a cleanup at two locations in town on April 14th. VEC member Kerry Bass was the clean up coordinator. The morning group met at 9:00 AM in F. N. Brown School by the woods entrance behind the playground. The afternoon group met at 1:00 PM in Brookdale Ave. School behind the field. Volunteers helped keep our Peckman River clean by removing trash and debris from the surrounded areas. The township provided gloves, garbage bags, recycling containers and removed the collected materials. Several members of the Junior Woman's Club of Verona participated as well as Verona High School Juniors. Thank you everybody for all your hard work!

Above, from left to right, Verona residents Teresa Nolan, Donna Wisniewski and Jen Quinn by the pile of collected garbage behind Brookdale Avenue School.

VHS Students Removed Half a Ton of Trash

In recent years more than 60 Verona High School students participated in the annual Peckman River Clean-Up. Students were assisted by VHS Vice Principal Dave Galbierczyk, VEC Chairman Jerry Shimonaski and VHS teachers Linda Barone, Jan Korman, Chris Tamburro and Carl Cascone.

The morning group cleaned the north end and the afternoon group cleaned the south end, covering the area located between Ozone Ave. all the way to Linden Ave. Participants were mostly 16 to 18 years old, but there were a few 13 and 14-year-old students.

The Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission supplied tools, waders, plastic bags and gloves. The students and their teachers removed about 1000 pounds of metal and other debris from the river, including pipes, gates and fencing, two bikes, a bird bath, bags of dirt, plastic bottles and even pieces of a vehicle. All of it was hauled away by the Verona Public Works Department. The Peckman River originates in West Orange and flows northeasterly through Verona, Cedar Grove and Little Falls to its confluence with the Passaic River in the borough of Woodland Park

“My purpose for this event was to demonstrate to students that there is a price to live with the convenience of our society”, said VHS science teacher Carl Cascone. “One way to reduce that price is by being responsible citizens, and helping the environment. One of those ways is by participating in the river cleanup”.

Congratulations Verona High School! Photos courtesy of VHS teacher Linda Barone

Pictured above from left to right: Verona High School Juniors Katie Kast and Sam Bass, Stephen Bass and Kerry Bass during the clean up in the woods behind F. N. Brown School.

Craig and others lifting vehicle pieces.

One of the bikes removed from the river.

Jerry Shimonaski, Gabrielle Discafani and
Carl Cascone working on the Peckman River.