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Vehicle Idling in Verona
An idling vehicle emits 20 times more pollution than one traveling at 30 miles per hour. Breathing exhaust fumes is linked to increases in asthma, allergies, heart and lung disease, cancer, and autism. Kids are especially vulnerable because they inhale more air per pound of body weight. 
We recognize that excessive emissions from idling are a threat to the health of children, neighbors and the environment. To protect the community from harmful vehicle emissions, we voluntarily pledge:
  • To turn off engines immediately (when not in traffic), especially at schools, parking lots, drive through windows, and other idle frequent locations.
  • To eliminate morning warm-up idling greater than three minutes.
  • To maintain vehicles to eliminate any visible exhaust, and encourage others to end unnecessary idling.
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Do your part to keep kids healthy: If you'll be waiting more than 10 seconds, turn off your engine. 
Do not use remote starters, drive less and walk and bike more. These simple steps can dramatically reduce children's exposure to pollutants, save some money, and help the environment. 

Idling Facts
  • Air monitoring at schools typically finds elevated levels of toxins during pick-up and drop-off times.
  • The source -exhaust from idling vehicles- can cause asthma and other respiratory problems and allergies, especially in children who breathe at a faster rate than adults.
  • Up to 25% of NJ's school age children are asthmatic -the leading cause of school absenteeism.
  • Verona adopted an anti-idling resolution reinforcing existing NJ State Law which prohibits engine idling for both diesel and gasoline vehicles beyond 3 minutes with limited exceptions.
  • Vehicles that are actively performing emergency services, such as fire, police, military, snow removal, and utility vehicles are exempted. 
  • Turning your car off is better for the engine than leaving it running. Idling can damage engine components.
  • Only 10 seconds of idling uses more fuel than turning the engine on and off.
  • Two minutes spent idling is equal to one mile of driving.
  • Americans spend a whopping $13 million every day on unnecessary idling.
  • Leaving the vehicle running for extended periods of time to let the heater warm it or the air conditioner cool it is an example of unnecessary idling. 
  • Running the engine to operate the windshield defroster to clear a windshield of ice on an extremely cold day is an example of necessary idling.
  • As of May 1, 2008, no idling is allowed in a parking space with available electrification technology.
  • Even in cold weather, engines only need 30 seconds to warm up. 
  • Most vehicles, most of the time, will reach a comfortable temperature within the first 5 minutes of driving.
Sources: U.S. EPA, N.J. DEP, Environmental Defense Fund, World Health Organization and American Lung Association.
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