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ANJEC's 36th Environmental Congress

The Verona Environmental Commission received a 2009 ANJEC Environmental Achievement Award at ANJEC’s Environmental Congress on Saturday, October 17, 2009. The award recognizes the Commission's successful efforts in establishing paper recycling in all of Verona's schools and establishing a working relationship with the school district and with the high school environmental club.

The Environmental Congress is an annual statewide gathering of environmental commissions, local officials, agencies, citizen groups and environmental organizations. ANJEC, a non-profit organization, helps New Jersey environmental commissions, individuals, local and state agencies preserve natural resources and promote sustainable communities.

The Congress was held at Cook Campus Center, Rutgers University in New Brunswick. This year the congress focused in exploring the many positive ways sustainability and resource protection impact the bottom line for people, municipalities and the planet at large. It was also a great opportunity to network with environmental leaders from around the State. The day was jam-packed with information and resources including workshops, exhibitors and presentation of the 2009 ANJEC Environmental Achievement Awards.

2009 Environmental Awards

Environmental Commission Awards
Bradley Beach EC-Rain Garden Construction, Cape May Point EC-Cape Point Family Nature Guide, Cresskill EC-Earthfest 2009, Fanwood EC-Monarch Butterfly Waystation, Montgomery EC-Earth Day Fair 2009, Verona EC-Paper Recycling in the Verona Schools, and Westville EC-Adding Beauty and Art to Natural Preservation.

Environmental Non-Profit Organizations
Great Egg Harbor National Scenic and Recreational River Council – Forested Wetland Clean-up, Grow it Green Morristown – Community Garden, and Sustainable West Milford – Ample Harvest and Ampleharvest.com

Honorable mentions
Chester Township EC – Field Restoration to Warm Season Grasses, Sumit EC – Intergenerational Partnerships for Sustainable Community and Wyckoff EC – Team up to Tidy up Wyckoff.

VEC member Viginia Citrano, Co-Chair Cinzia Cortese and Chairman Jerry Shimonaski receiving the 2009 Environmental Achievement Award from Chris Allyn, ANJEC President.

ANJEC President introducing some of ANJEC staff members at Cook Campus Center, Rutgers University in New Brunswick.

From left, Verona Mayor Teena Shwartz, VEC members Gloria Machnowski, Cinzia Cortese and Jerry Shimonaski around VEC's display "Paper Recycling in Verona Schools".

Verona representatives during the 36th Annual Environmental Congress' presentation "The Economics of Green".

For further information please visit www.anjec.org or call 973-539-7547. ANJEC is a proud member of Earth Share NJ